World Of Found was born from a chance event.

An old photograph was found at a temple flea market n Kobe, Japan in the year 2000. It showed a small girl holding a big white rabbit

Musings arose about who the girl was and what was the meaning of the photograph. Was the rabbit a symbol or just a pet?

Works were created based on the girl and rabbit and so a new kind of approach to creativity emerged called World Of Found. The girl and rabbit is its muse.

Elements of chance, wonder, identity, epiphany related to finding the photograph, are applied across a broad range of artworks including film, poetry, clothing and music.

World Of Found is a creative platform. In a way it is a search for the identity of the girl and simple moments of wonder that happen in our lives "By Chance Not Design" All clothes, products, art, music and film take their inspiration from this simple event.

It encourages contributions from established and emerging talent in a spirit of worldwide creative equality Many creators have joined us already. Many more will follow.

World Of Found is a reflection of the creative process, and the beauty of endless possibilities that everyday life has to offer. It touches the lives or everyone who finds it, linking them in a chain of chance encounters leading back in time to an enigmatic image of a small girl holding a rabbit long ago.

Join World Of Found no matter where in the world you are.